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Renovation of Temples

Adhi kesava perumal temple was left uncared for due to lack of maintenance. Now it has been modified and restructured by Yogashema Trust. During special occasions, and on Saturdays, the temple working hours are extended and special pooja is conducted on these days.

Education and Awareness

Yoga shema Trust has adopted the government school in Thandalam to improve the skills and the knowledge of the students in the school. Five qualified teachers have been appointed in the school for a monthly salary of Rs 2500/- to 3000/-. to enhance the educational quality.

Economic Development

Our experience has shown that the rural folk in general and rural women in particular are very enthusiastic and motivated and take to new avenues of work and earnings readily. The project has opened up opportunities for them, organised them to take advantage of the opportunities, provided managerial and technical inputs besides infrastructure and connected them to markets in the urban centres that are relatively lucrative in comparison with the market around them. Apart from facilitating the most vulnerable women to raise their income several fold, the project has taken a holistic approach to the development of the village as a whole, providing educational, health and sanitation support to improve the lives. In all, there has been a transformation of Thandalam and its people in a way that has been most heartening.

Health and Nutrition

A key component of the programme is the medical sub-centre and medical outreach plan.

The medical sub-centre functions in the village once a week for consultations. Each week, over 30 patients benefit from this clinic.

Health camps have been conducted wherein various medical specialists have taken part. Cataract operations have been performed by sending them to Chennai. Spectacles and hearing aids have been given. Complex cases have been referred to specialists in various hospitals in Chennai.

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We could always use more helping hands. You are welcome to share your enthusiasm and time in different areas of work with the self help groups.
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