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thandalam : Womens Self Help Group thandalam : Womens Self Help Group


The Thandalam Self-Help Group was established to empower the women in the village of Thandalam, to make them self sufficient, and independent. Specific areas were identified according to skill levels, capabilities and work habits of the women. The women were formed into separate groups- Annapoorani Group, Mahalakshmi Group and Vanavil Group.

The women were all initially provided with training in the spheres they worked in, and they took to the work with enthusiasm and dedication without the sceptism that villagers eye change On the other hand the response was spontaneous and they co operated fully, convinced that better times lay ahead for them.

The infrastructure for the groups including the buildings and machinery has been set up at a cost of Rs. 7 lakhs. Marketing support for the food products and the agricultural inputs for gardens were provided.

Thandalam Yogakshema Trust

Yogashema trust has helped improve the quality of education in Thandalam. It has also been deeply involved with providing proper sanitation facilities in the village. The trust set up health centres which provide medicine and do medical tests free of cost. Thndalam Yogashema Trust has also enabled renovation of temples and helped control pollution in the village.

Future Plans

Our future plans include making products like Pickles, Ready- to- eat snacks, We also plan to take on Export orders, start Vaccum packing Online and to start taking online orders. In short, the women in our self help groups will soon be ready to take on the world!

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We could always use more helping hands. You are welcome to share your enthusiasm and time in different areas of work with the self help groups.
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